Product Line

Fuel Servicing Trucks
1000 to 6000 Gallon Capacity
Single and Dual Compartment and       Pumping Systems

Aircraft Refuelers (Trucks)
1200 to 6000 Gallon Capacity
Flow Rates From 100 to 600 GPM

5500 to 8000 Gallon Capacity
Pumping Systems for Ground or Aircraft Fuel
100 to 300 GPM Flow

Water Distributors and      Street Flushers
1500 to 3500 Gallon Capacity
Flow Rates up to 750 GPM


Vacuum Trucks
1500 to 2500 Gallon Capacity
ASME Code Stamped

Lube and Fuel Servicing Trucks
Tranports Diesel Fuel, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, 
ATF, AntiFreeze, Waste Oil, and Chassis Grease
Onboard Air Compressor

Aviation Fuel Bowsers
200 to 600 Gallon Capacity
Four Wheel with Tow Bar
Vacuum Generator
Telescoping Funnel